6-7 December, 2023

Venue: Ghent, Belgium

Our Presbytery meets quarterly and is hosted by one of our churches.

These are public meetings and we warmly invite church members and anyone else interested in the spread of the Christian gospel and the part our work plays in it to join us. This often includes people interested in finding out how a Presbyterian church works and interested in exploring future ministry with us.

Committee meetings will begin the previous day.

If you would like to attend a Presbytery meeting please contact the moderator. We can often help with finding overnight accommodation if this would be a help.

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Fill out the form below to enquire about this Presbytery.

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    The IPC

    The International Presbyterian Church was founded in 1954 through the ministry of Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland. From its early days, the IPC was closely associated with L’Abri, Schaeffer’s better-known ministry among sceptical and doubting young people, which was founded in 1955.

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