British Presbytery

Consists of sixteen English-speaking IPC churches in the United Kingdom. The British Presbytery meets in March, June, September and December.

Moderator: James Torrens
Clerk: Gethin Jones

Korean Presbytery

Consists of nine Korean-speaking IPC churches in the United Kingdom, Greece and Ukraine.

Moderator:  Byung-Heon Yoo (The Korean Church London)
Clerk: Taero Yoon (Reading Korean Church)

European Proto-Presbytery

Consists of six IPC churches on the continent, working together to form a European Presbytery.

Moderator: Tom Nachtergaele
Clerk: Cody Janicek

South Korean Presbytery

Consists of five IPC churches in South Korea.

Moderator: Jin Seob Lee
Clerk: Byung Hoon Whang