Our Presbytery meets quarterly and is hosted by one of our churches.

These are public meetings and we warmly invite church members and anyone else interested in the spread of the Christian gospel and the part our work plays in it to join us. This often includes people interested in finding out how a Presbyterian church works and interested in exploring future ministry with us.

British Presbytery: future meetings

1 – Ealing, London

21 June 2019 Venue: IPC ...
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2 – Trinity Aberdeen

13 - 14 September 2019 ...
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3 – Trinity Church York

22 - 23 November 2019 ...
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European Proto-Presbytery: future meetings

1 – Prague, Czech Republic

June 5-6 2019 Venue: Faith ...
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2 – Gent, Belgium

11-13 September 2019 Venue: Gent ...
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3 – Madrid, Spain

3-5 December 2019 Venue: Madrid, ...
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For information on these please contact Cody Janicek, Clerk of the European Proto-Presbytery.

Korean Presbytery: future meetings


Presbytery Date To Be Confirmed ...
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For information on these please contact Kim Puk-Kyong, Moderator of the Korean Presbytery.

Theology Mornings

At each British Presbytery we have two theology lectures in order to stimulate us for Christian ministry.


Topic: Ethics and Eschatology

Lecture 1: ‘Unembarrassed supernaturalism’: Reaffirming our eschatology
Lecture 2: ‘Distinctive living’: Ethics by eschatology

Speaker: Jonny Gibson