Kids, even you can learn soteriology!

Soteriology studies how God saves us
From the wrath of God and our sin that enslaves us.
So it’s not just a bunch of big words for our head,
But how Christ took the curse we deserve when he bled.

The Acrostic of Salvation is a joy to read and recite. Young readers will learn soteriology–the study of how God saves us.

Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle present an alphabet of words related to salvation, written to a rhyming beat: A for adoption, B for baptism, C for communion, all the way to Z. All the words paint a detailed and varied portrait of what salvation through Jesus is all about.

Using the alphabet to teach about God has a rich history in the Bible, especially in the Psalms and Lamentations. Several of the psalms–notably Psalm 119–begin with letters of the Hebrew alphabet, forming an acrostic that spells out the entire alphabet.

The authors make learning about soteriology memorable and fun. Their book shows “By faith, we’re now connected to Jesus our treasure; Forgiven and changed in him, he keeps us forever.”

Illustrated by C. S. Fritz, The Acrostic of Salvation is the third in the series, Acrostic Theology for Kids, introducing children ages five to eleven to systematic theology uniquely on their age level.

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