1. Article I: There is only one God
  2. Article II: By what means God is made known unto us
  3. Article III: The written Word of God
  4. Article IV: Canonical books of the Holy Scripture
  5. Article i: Whence the Holy Scriptures derive their dignity and authority
  6. Article VI: The difference between the Canonical and Apocryphal books
  7. Article VII: The sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures to be the only rule of faith
  8. Article VIII: God is one in essence, yet distinguished in Three Persons
  9. Article IX: The proof of the foregoing article of the Trinity of Persons in One God
  10. Article X: Jesus Christ is true and eternal God
  11. Article XI: The Holy Spirit is true and eternal God
  12. Article XII: The creation of all things, especially the angels
  13. Article XIII: The providence of God and His government of all things
  14. Article XIV: The creation and fall of man, and his incapacity to perform what is truly good
  15. Article XV: Original Sin
  16. Article XVI: Eternal election
  17. Article XVII: The recovery of fallen man
  18. Article XVIII: The incarnation of Jesus Christ
  19. Article XIX: The union and distinction of the two natures in the person of Christ
  20. Article XX: God has manifested His justice and mercy in Christ
  21. Article XXI: The satisfaction of Christ, our only High Priest, for us
  22. Article XXII: Our justification through faith in Jesus Christ
  23. Article XXIII: Wherein our justification before God consists
  24. Article XXIV: Man’s sanctification and good works
  25. Article XXV: The abolishing of ceremonial law
  26. Article XXVI: Christ’s intercession
  27. Article XXVII: The catholic Christian church
  28. Article XXVIII: Every one is bound to join himself to the true church
  29. Article XXIX: The marks of the true Church, and wherein it differs from the false church
  30. Article XXX: The government of the Church and its offices
  31. Article XXXI: The Ministers, Elders and Deacons
  32. Article XXXII: The order and discipline of the Church
  33. Article XXXIII: The sacraments
  34. Article XXXIV: Holy baptism
  35. Article XXXV: The holy supper of our Lord Jesus Christ
  36. Article XXXVI: The magistracy (civil government)
  37. Article XXXVII: The Last Judgement